Jamie Bennett

During training sessions, I share a quote from Mad Men for us to make things 'Simple But Significant' and am looking for ways to make that happen in my profession and in your planner. I believe in continuous improvement which is why your feedback, recommendations, and suggestions are valuable and used. 

We will never stop exploring ways to make your planner better year after year. Are we missing something? Let us know! Have a new idea that you see yourself and others using, we want to hear about it. 

I enjoy thinking about ways to make my work efficient, simple, and structured and want the same for you too. Nothing would make me happier than if someone asked you how you where you find the time to accomplish all that you do, especially if our Blue Rocket Planner had a role in it. 

Janelle Bennett

What has been the biggest home project you have taken on? For me, it was replacing our flooring.  I had many of the tools needed to start ripping out tile and removing baseboards.  But it wasn't until a contractor friend dropped off several tools specifically for that job that I was able to make real progress. 

I am a dietitian but also have worked as a direct sales consultant.  One year I purchased the prettiest planner I could find. However,  it was not made for my unique role and was missing many of the things I wanted to keep track of. I started thinking about what a planner specifically designed for my purpose would look like and Blue Rocket Planners was born. 

When our contractor friend brought me the right tools,  I was confident and inspired to accomplish my goal. It is my desire that you experience a similar feeling each time you open your planner. 

School Psychologist Planner