A Personalized Touch


Recently, a frozen yogurt place opened in town and we celebrated by going ...often.  There is something about building something just for your taste, and because you don’t want to share a chocolate yogurt sprinkled with gummy worms with your kid.  

At Blue Rocket Planners, you are seated in the control room where you can build a custom planner of what you need, nothing more and nothing less. With the right tool, you can accomplish more in less time. It allows you to maximize your time with those that you serve with less stress.  It gets us fired up knowing we can have a small part in your world to help make that happen.

We believe in removing barriers to help you make the most impact possible. The valuable services you provide in your role in education, business, or health should be maximized and we want to play a role in making that happen. 

“I am typically an EC teacher planner user but I’m switching next year... Blue Rocket Planners literally thought of everything...I’m so excited to use this. Thank you for designing something so suited to our needs! It also shipped and arrive very quickly. Absolutely recommend 100%”  - Allie, May 2017

A Professional Influence

Ever have a job where you needed a Phillips screwdriver and all you had was flat head? Perhaps you can get the job done but it's more efficient and effective to have the right tool. For your profession, the options are to carry a variety of notebooks, sticky notes, and planners as you work or to make use of every margin and spare inch of space in a planner to add a variety of details and notes.

Your job is too important and your to-do list too long to get by on a generic, one-size-fits-all type of planner. At Blue Rocket Planners, we believe you deserve a specialized tool to make your work simple, clear, and efficient. Every planner is custom designed by people who know your job in and out and walk in your shoes. 

We sat down with professionals like you and listened. Then we listened some more before starting a cycle of development, feedback, and refinement. The results? Planners like no other with features that we could never have developed without the pros who know your world. 

Blue Rocket Planners