Health Care Planner

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Health Care Planner


A health care and medical planner to keep track of all your important health information. 

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Health Care Planner

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Let’s review that again. For the 2019 year, Your Health Planner will allow you to keep your essential medical and health information in one place for easy record keeping and review.

  • 2 pg layouts for your year, months, and weeks

  • Medical Profile [2 pages] for your contact details, insurance information, allergies, and diagnoses.

  • Family Medical History [3 pages] for conditions of up to 12 family members.

  • Emergency Info [1 page] for key people to contact in case of emergency.

  • Annual Appointment Calendar [2 pages] to easily see all your appointments at a glance.

  • Monthly Medication Log [2 pages] to help keep track of medications to be taken and their dosage.

  • Notes & Ideas Pages [24 pages] to capture, well anything you are needing to keep on top of.

  • Appointment Log [8 pages] to keep track of important information for each your appointments.

  • Hospital & Surgical Log [4 pages] to record your reasons for stay, treatment, follow-up instructions, and more.

  • My Prescription Pages [2 pages] notes your prescription details such as dosage, when started, purpose and more.

  • Vitamins & Supplements [2 pages] help you keep track of the other things you take that are not prescriptions.

  • Symptom Tracker [8 pages] can help you provide specific details to your doctor of your symptoms to guide treatment.

  • Illness Log [8 pages] allows you to note illness dates, symptoms, treatments, and notes.

Let the Health Planner help you keep track of your medical details so you can focus on your health. The details captured in the Health Planner can provide medical personnel with a clear picture of your needs and history.

Health Care Planner

Including add-ons in your order? If your planner order is more than $55, the pages will not fit within a single booklet. Consider an extra set of covers & discs to ensure your pages are protected and in order.