New Goals for A New Year

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Blue Rocket Planners Direct Sales Planner is ready for you to take on 2019 and help your business grow.

Chances are you are already looking ahead to the new year and planning on how to make your direct sales business reach new heights. Let our Direct Sales Planners be with you every step of the way.

Minding Your Business

Everything about this planner is structured around helping you keep your business and life details in one place. Your Monthly Business Snapshots keeps your goals, events, and task on your radar for easy review while the Monthly Income & Expenses pages help you know how your bottom line is doing.

The Big Event

Speaking of your bottom line, it often comes down to you pulling off the perfect event. Sure there are plenty of details to focus on but your Event Planning pages are designed to capture them all so you can focus on your customers and your day.

Let’s Keep In Touch

As a Direct Sales Consultant, it is about who you know. With Team Member Contact pages and Contact pages for clients, you will be able to quickly reach out to others, develop your network, and support your team.

Direct Sales Planner
Planner Girl Direct Sales

Introducing the latest design style, Planner Girl

One of 5 unique designs, Planner Girl captures the spirit of the Direct Sales Consultant. With this style, or any others, consider a unique quote, your name, and/or title to put on your cover to make your planner stand out all year long.